Wynwood’s New Restaurant Hub

The intersection at NW 28th Street and North Miami Avenue is becoming Wynwood’s new restaurant hub.

Jimmy’s Kitchen serves Puerto Rican cuisine and has been a long time favorite of mine.  In the interest of full disclosure, my wife is Puerto Rican, so I do love most things Puerto Rican.

Indulge in the:

Seafood and pork Mofongo
Boletas de queso with guava sauce
Zarzuela de Mariscos
Guava cake


Bloom has an outdoor bar, as well as outdoor dinning.

Bloom Wynwood opened its door about 6 months ago.  My first experience was positive and I would certainly entertain going back again.  The owners are from Guatemala, so the food certainly has a touch of Guatemalan influence, but is also fused with a hint of Asian flavor. Makes for some interestingly unique dishes.

Indulge in the:

Braised oxtail tamale
Octopus shaken
Korean BBQ short rib.


Pride and Joy BBQ opened about a month or so ago. I had the pleasure of eating there last night.  This place was a former crack house that was filled with vagrants and slated to be condemned. Luckily, the owners of this new bbq joint had a vision and saved this 1939 building from demolition. The 1,800 sq foot restaurant also has a huge outdoor space and last night there was a live band playing.  The food is good and would certainly go back.

Outdoor picnic tables with live music in the garden

Indulge in the:

Bowl of Burnt Ends
Fried pickles
Brisket cheesesteak


The scene at this intersection has really taken a turn for the better in recent months.  Now, all we need is a crosswalk at this intersection so people can actually cross North Miami Avenue safely. I’m not going to hold my breath on the crosswalk since Miami Dade Public Works and Waste Management is in charge of this road and their track record has a lot to be desired when it comes to pedestrian safety. This department believes that crosswalks are optional for city streets.