StreetEasy Launches South Florida Real Estate Site





Searching for residential real estate is about to get more exciting and easier for South Floridians.  StreetEasy officially launched their South Florida site today and now you can search for your dream pad by using search features such as crime stats and school zone data for specific neighborhoods. The site is very intuitive to use and you will find that it is seamless to move all around searches, listings, buildings, neighborhoods, realtors, and how it all connects to the piece of real estate you are searching for.  You will also be able to search for recorded sales, and eventually public transit data will be added to the site.

From StreetEasy’s press release:

StreetEasy is proud to announce the expansion of our real estate website into the South Florida region. We’re confident the transparency and simplicity our site will bring to the marketplace will transform the real estate search process for consumers and realtors in South Florida.

StreetEasy is widely credited for bringing much needed clarity to New York City’s complex residential real estate market.  We bring together disparate and inaccessible information and then organize and present it in ways that make sense for real estate professionals and consumers alike. We’re able to do this because we understand how dense, vertical cities work and we recognize the importance of accurate and objective real estate information. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest personal and financial decisions out there and we know how complicated and stressful the process is. We make this process easier.  In New York, we’ve done this by creating a site that understands and responds to the needs of the local market and its consumers. Unlike other local real estate websites, StreetEasy is a completely unbiased third party.  We’re not brokers and we’re not consumers.  We’re simply here to inform, empower and connect the two.

We are now taking what we’ve learned and bringing it to Miami and South Florida.  We’re confident our local, ground-up philosophy will have the same impact in Miami and the greater region as it has in New York.  Both Miami and New York are cities defined by their verticality, their density, their diversity and their intense appetite for all things real estate related. With so much development and international investment going on right now, we are excited to be entering these markets.”

Welcome to South Florida!

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