StreetEasy launches community and subdivision search feature

StreetEasy has just made it easier for those of you that are looking for property in the suburbs in those ticky-tacky houses in subdivisions.  Now you can search by subdivision or community.  For those of you that want that warm fuzzy-feeling of living in a gated community, there’s a search feature for that too-you can search by gated community as well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.51.54 AM

Although I do work for StreetEasy, I am an urbanist at heart, so I don’t believe in suburban living or gated communities. But there are people that prefer this lifestyle for their own reasons and StreetEasy is making it easier for them to find their dream home. It’s really a great feature and you can search and save all the subdivisions and communities you are interested in into a folder and receive automatic updates as soon as a new property hits the market.

Now you can even keep track of listings at Del Boca Vista.