Historic Wynwood home becomes TSL Lounge and The Butcher Shop

The entrepreneurial sprite is alive and well in Wynwood.  Igor Niznik and his son Fred, along with partner Mark Dorfman, have just opened TSL Lounge in Wynwood.  Next door to TSL they will soon open The Butcher Shop.

1927 historic home has been converted to a bar and lounge

A historic 1927 single family home has been persevered and  retrofitted and now houses the TSL indoor and outdoor lounge.  There is a full bar inside and out with a projector screen on the outside wall.

TSL outdoor lounge

Next door, in the same complex, an old warehouse has been repurposed as a butcher shop.  But The Butcher Shop isn’t your everyday old-school butcher shop- it will merge retail, restaurant and beer garden into one experience. The Butcher Shop will probably open up towards the end of December beginning of January. However, they will have a preview with a sample menu of food and beer for Art Basel and the outside area will be open.

The beer garden at The Butcher Shop

Both restaurants have complimentary valet service and are located at 165 NW 23rd St.

This is a great addition to Wynwood. As more retail locations like these open up we will continue to see safety in the area improve.  More eyes on the street are the best deterrent against crime. Please welcome TSL Lounge and The Butcher Shop to Wynwood and support locally owned businesses.