Frangipani Opens in Prime Wynwood Retail Location


Nestled between Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, Joey’s and Wynwood Walls, Frangipani, an eclectic retailer has just opened their doors to the Wynwood community.  I had the pleasure to attend the launch event a couple of weeks ago and found plenty of tasteful, yet unique gifts in the store.  You can find anything from custom painted bicycle helmets to Vietnamese laptop cases made of recycled rice bags.  There are gift items for every price range from $4 to $700.

Jennifer Frehling is the owner of the store and it seems as though her and her parents are quite the urban pioneers. Jennifer’s parents owned Belvetro, a Lincoln Road gallery in early 90’s, which she helped manage. Her family has also run Oggestti Design in the Design District since the early 00’s.

Check out Frangipani, you won’t be disappointed.

The store hours are Monday-Saturday, Noon to 8pm (Mon-Thurs), Noon to 10pm (Friday & Saturday).

Now if we could only get some crosswalks on NW 2nd Avenue from NW 20th Street to NW 36th Street. Earlier this year I wrote an article pointing out that there are only 4 crosswalks in this 16 block stretch. It’s too bad pedestrians cannot cross safely on this street.  The sad part about this is that the County Public Works and Waste Management Department recently resurfaced this road and it did not occur to them that they should have included crosswalks in this project. We are in the 21st century right?

Crosswalks are few and far between on NW 2nd Avenue.