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This is Why Miami-Dade County is Dominated by the Automobile

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Here’s another great map from Matt Toro over at Transit Miami.  This map pretty much sums up why Miami-Dade County is so dependent on the automobile-lack of mixed-use zoning. Notice that mixed-use zoning is found only in small pockets throughout the county.  Not surprisingly, the very same pockets that have mixed-use zoning are some of… Read more »

The Developers Guide to Land-Use in Miami-Dade County

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Matt Toro over at Transit Miami released these awesome maps last week on Transit Miami.  Matt is somewhat of a GIS ninja and these maps give us an excellent macro view of land-use throughout the county. Here are the 5 land-use maps: Residential (single & multi-family) Commercial Industrial Agricultural Parks  

Map: The Not-So-Many Parks of Miami-Dade County

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This comes to us via Matt Toro at Transit Miami… I kept it simple: only beaches, municipal-operated, and county-operated parks were included. These criteria effectively excluded the following uses, which are part of Miami-Dade County’s default “Park” category: Recreational Vehicle Parks/Camps Private Recreational Facilities Associated with Private Residential Developments Private Recreational Camps/Areas Cemeteries Golf courses… Read more »

Event-Arts and Development Program: Building Smart and Beautiful

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Click here to register Join the SE FL/Caribbean District Council of the Urban Land Institute as we explore synergies between art and real estate. The program will review opportunities to expand art in real estate development and its impact on community building and place-making. This event will examine both the challenges and the business case for the… Read more »