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This is Why Miami-Dade County is Dominated by the Automobile

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Here’s another great map from Matt Toro over at Transit Miami.  This map pretty much sums up why Miami-Dade County is so dependent on the automobile-lack of mixed-use zoning. Notice that mixed-use zoning is found only in small pockets throughout the county.  Not surprisingly, the very same pockets that have mixed-use zoning are some of… Read more »

UM Event: Open Transit-Transit Design for Urban Living

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By studying transit landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, visited by 750,000 commuters, diners, and shoppers daily, and Rockefeller Plaza, essentially a large subway transit concourse, guest speaker Peter Cavaluzzi shares his Key Principles of Open Transit. Learn what’s essential to successful contemporary urban design and redevelopment. What makes successful iconic urban spaces and discover how… Read more »

Miami at Manhattan Prices

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This article was originally posted on Transit Miami and was written by Peter Smith.  Manhattanization is a term we’ve become accustomed to in Miami. It‘s existed since at least the 1960s to describe cities from San Francisco to Santiago, but it became a prominent buzzword in the 2000s to describe the rapid transformation of downtown Miami… Read more »

The Problems with Minimum Parking Requirements in Miami

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Miami’s excessively high minimum parking requirements can prevent a great project from moving forward. A developer may have a brilliant idea for a site, but if he or she cannot accommodate parking within the footprint of the site the project will likely not break ground. The sad truth is that parking dictates development in Miami… Read more »

Downtown Urban Living is White Hot; Centro Sells 50% of Units in 60 days

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The Miami Heat isn’t the only thing that is hot in Downtown Miami.  The downtown condo market continues its white-hot streak too.   According to Centro’s press release: More than 180 of the 352 units in approximately 60 days, indicating a surge for demand in urban residential real estate in the Downtown Miami market. The sales figures are reflective of… Read more »

The 305 Talks: Harvey Hernandez from Newgard Development Group

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Newgard Development Group Chairman and Managing Director Harvey Hernandez sat down with me to discuss his two Miami projects that are currently under development in Brickell and Downtown. BrickellHouse is under construction and Centro will break ground later this year in the heart of Downtown Miami. The partners of Newgard Development Group have spent 15… Read more »